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Katie Oliveras
Seattle University : Mathematics Department : 901 12th Ave : Seattle, WA : 98122
Assistant Professor
Office: Bannan 411
Office Hours: (Click Here for My Schedule)
Phone: 206.296.5471
Email: oliverak@seattleu.edu
My current research interests lie in the broad spectrum of integrable systems, and in particular, nonlinear waves. I am currently focusing on various aspects of solutions to Euler's equations for surface gravity-capillary waves using a nonlocal formulation of the water-wave problem due to Ablowitz, Fokas, and Musslimani.

Slides from a recent undergradate talk on the "Pressure Problem" can be found online (pdf slides). More information regarding my current research can be found on my "Research" page.
Many of my course materials can be found online. To find out more, please visit my "Classes" page.
When I'm not researching, I love to travel. During the last few years, I've traveled through-out Mexico, Central America, Italy, Germany and China. Of course, being a full time instructor means that I don't get to do this as often as I would like. I'm really hoping to travel through-out South America soon.